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Semi Hermetic Air Cooler

The precisely designed Semi Hermetic Air Cooler is appreciated for its Eco friendly operation as it does not emit any harmful gas. Driven by electricity, this air cooler can isolate heat while cooling the surrounding air. It consists of advanced semi hermetic compressor with screw type design and PLC based microcomputer with LCD touch screen that supports different languages. Apart from its long working life, this Semi Hermetic Air Cooler is preferred for its minimal noise level and high performance level. Accessible in floor mounted design, the outer part of this air cooler is made of standard grade mild steel or stainless steel with galvanized finishing to avoid rust.

  • The provided air cooler is acknowledged for its low noise level and energy efficient operation.
  • It does not discharge any harmful gas and is therefore Eco friendly.
  • PLC microcomputer controlled operation.
  • Stable performance.
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Air Aftercoolers

Air Aftercoolers are basically specific type of heat exchangers. These are widely used for cooling the discharge from air compressor. These equipments use either air or water and efficiently remove moisture from compressed air. These are very important for ensuring proper functionality of pneumatic or air handling devices. Our complete range is widely used to reduce the amount of water vapor from a compressed air system. It does this by condensing the water vapor into liquid form.

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Semi Hermetic Air Coolers

Semi Hermetic Chillers is suitable for cooling processes from (-) 20oC up to (-) 15oC. Ideal for larger industrial cooling and refrigeration applications, these chillers are integrated with reliable semi hermetic compressors. It is high in demand for use in various industries such as plastic, beverage and chemical. The chillers comprises of exposed insulated refrigeration lines which are covered with special protective wrapping for long lasting resistance. These chillers are best known for their small physical foot-prints.