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Industrial Chillers
Technically, our industrial chillers are named as a system of cooling, which chills dehumidifies air or treated liquid in industrial as well as commercial areas. The chiller deploys absorption cycle or vapor compression, any one to chill. Further, from area chilling to treated applications, our system is superior to all.
Screw Chillers
Screw chillers offer process and comfort cooling, heat and cooling recovery as well as deliver efficient and unrivaled heating for wider industrial and commercial usages, as well. The system amalgamates chiller with coil units of fans for productive interior chilling and heating, while expanded limit industrial units offer proper temperature control for bigger scale healthcare, scientific or storage demands.
Scroll Water Chiller
A productive cooled scroll water from us can enable you to bring the working budget on scale. The system is delivered completely, which is most reliable, efficient as well as quiet chiller that is accessible in today’s world. Integrated technology in the chiller is sound for introduction in noise sensitive environs along with good pressure levels. The chiller is profitable for evaporative condenser, remote air-cooled and water cooled uses.
Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower is completely composed of fiber reinforced plastic outfitted with polypropylene blossom nozzles for even spacing. The nozzles ate simply viable even while in operating condition. Pump power are moderated since gravity will suffice water channel after the air is strained crosswise over [Horizontally] the stream of water (that is Vertical) are titled cross stream sort cooling tower.
Air Dryers
A compacted Air Dryer is utilized for expelling water vapor against packed air. These are usually found in an extensive variety of commercial and industrial offices. The procedure of air pressure focuses air contaminants, comprising water vapor. This increases the dew purpose of the compacted air in respect to free barometrical air and prompts buildup inside channels as the packed air chills downstream of compressor.
Chilling Plants
Chilling Plants provide water chillers for chilling the natural liquid from temperature  between 45 °C to +4 °C. These are known containerized cool water plants. More productive for lesser solid temperatures are chillers, water and system chilling for diversified used. These plants are outfitted with uncommon system of ice bank gathering ice over the plate or tuber thermal exchangers.
Air Handling Units
A complete-line of our Air Handling Unit from normal through personalize provide outline adaptability to adjust economy as well as execution without trading off quality. An exceedingly adaptable scope of Air Handling Units, aberrant adiabatic cooling and free-cooling systems, boosting proficiency and limiting operational expenses.
Our arrangement of Dehumidifier is obtainable in two degrees so despite if you just have a clammy basement or require a whole home solution, you'll have dehumidification that is ideal for your requests. Both degrees work attentively to wring out wetness from air to guarantee you can ration cash on utilities and also be pleasant.
Evaporative Cooling Systems
Our Evaporative Cooling System is an instrument that chills air via the water evaporation. Evaporative chilling contrasts from normal ventilating systems, which utilize vapor-pressure or retention refrigeration courses. Our system works through exploiting water's expansive vaporization enthalpy. The dry air temperature can be released fundamentally through the stage move of fluid water-to-water suspension.
Air Conditioning Systems
Our Air Conditioning System is our response to power productive substantial scale ventilating uses, for example, commercial sites, motels, hotels, apartments and shopping centers. It highlights advancement, offering concurrent cooling as well as heating. When natural air is a demand in ventilation and air conditioning system, our system is a perfect solution.
Oil Chillers
Our Oil Chillers are exceptionally intended to chill oil straightforwardly via refrigerant-to-oil thermal transferring circuits. These are intended to deal with the oil penetrating the evaporator at elevated than typical temperatures, even the passage oil temperature additionally being significantly elevated than the standard procedure cooling uses.
Scroll Chiller
Our Scroll Chiller has great execution as well as highlights normal of more expensive and larger chiller. This offers large advantages for little to mid measured structures. Our chiller, which is outfitted with numerous hermetic scroll compressors make it suitable for different stress uses such as industries, hospitals, hotels, medium office spaces and more.
Semi Hermetic Air Cooler
Processed sustenance business parts such as meat processing, marine and poultry demand hefty duty working, while ice cream business is expanding by bounds and leaps as well as requires important storage amenities at distribution and manufacturing points. To cope up with the critical temperature demands, our company offers Semi Hermetic Air Cooler System.
Compressed Air Dryer
Our Compressed Air Dyer highlights modes for moisture and air, evaporation, and pre-refrigeration separation to expel of around 90% dampness from the compressed air lines. At the time, when customers avert extreme dampness in compresses air, customers can ignore issues such as chilling of exterior compression airlines as well as rust of equipment.
Glycol Chillers
Our Glycool Chillers are composed and outlined for extra low as well as least temperature applications. Secondary and main chilling circuits are completely slip attached and available, as well, in both water cooled and air cooled kinds. They are intended for zero misuse possibility. Fluid specifications use material clearly in compliance to specific process cooling requirements.
Cooling & Heat Transfer Equipment
The operation of our Cooling and Heat Transfer Equipment is to expel thermal from equipment or procedures. Air chilled heat equipment is deployed in chemical, petrochemicals, gas and refineries plants. The products are normally deployed when plants areas are ambient and not suitable environ are not present to permit economic and simple application of different cooling system.
Cold Room Doors
Our Cold Room Doors are polished in white covered stainless steel or food safe sheet for sustenance making fields. The doors possesses a creative track system that is easy, reliable and safe to run permitting impeccable sealing when locked. Blades of door are composed with an elevated density infused into polyurethane core ensuing in outstanding protection qualities  complemented with solid development.
We offer Chillers that possess capability of refrigerant-storage and eliminates the requirement of added space, external storage tank, etc. The advance design renders excellent advantages while installing and operating the mentioned gadget. These are available with both compressors like single and multiple along with greater cooling capacities for water and air.
Cold Rooms
The doors of our offered Cold Rooms are automation compatible and the rooms have appropriate value of insulation. These are perfect for the areas where controlling of temperature is required. The mentioned rooms find usage in various industries such as warehousing, food processing units, distribution centers, meat and fisheries, pack houses and many more.
Bio Gas Dryers
Biogas Dryer is environmentally friendly and renewable power source. The biogas is acquired because of the anaerobic assimilation response of renewable crude material comprising agro industrial waste, animal waste and biomasses disposals. This procedure does not damage or decline the complete CO2 balance as well as exhibits an affirmative inclusion to the diminishment of greenhouse impacts.
PVC Fills
PVC Fills are deployed for increased contact area possessing a bigger heat transfer efficiency. The intersection of water as well as air flow in nearness that enables a dispersed turbulence useful for effective thermal and dissipation exchange. Our each fill is double with functioned drainage system, making a great stress drop and good protection against disintegration, as well.
Incredible less RPM totally encased engines of flange and vertical kind with strung and amplified shaft and fixed head, as well offered with chilling tower. In addition, our Flange Motor is completely environment safe in development suitable for heated as well as humid environ. Along the lines, operation is seamless and trouble free.
Screw Type Water Chiller
Primarily used as a device for facilitating exchange of thermal energy in a closed loop system between water and and a refrigerant, Screw Type Water Chillers are one of the most types of water chillers used at industrial levels. One of the most prominent usage scenarios of these systems is in making air conditioning arrangements of modern infrastructure like in commercial buildings to cool the air and also regulate the temperature of equipments. They are also found to be particularly effective in cooling separate thermodynamic environs like the multiple room systems in hotels, and are thus known to be an ideal solution.
One of the most prominent uses of Air Conditioner Panels is in environs or situations where there is high concentration of electronic devices that produce a lot of heat, which needs to be managed duly. They can be used in tandem with sealing wares to achieve the much needed goals of de-humidification and dust proofing at the same time, which can be particularly effective. These capabilities make them an ideal solution, and have been found to be especially effective in area where outdoor temperatures are particularly high, with high humidity levels as well as environs where oil mist is found to be aerially scattered.
Air Washer
Our offered Air Washer exchanges is placed in contact with the water spray for exchanging heat and water vapor. In this device, the conditioned air is dependent on the temperature of the sprayed water. Thus, air conditioning can be controlled by controlling the temperature of water. The areas where the air is quite dry, the mentioned device can be used to increase the level of humidity.