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The ergonomically designed Dehumidifiers are excellent option to keep building interior air free from humidity or moisture. These devices are instrumental in drawing humid air from a room and absorb moisture from the taken air. Later, the absorbed moisture is blow back outside the room. Featured with stainless steel made outer cabinet, these equipments consist of necessary components like heat exchanger, compressor, water tank, controller, chassis and fan. The fan has a key role in pumping humid air into these machines. After the conversion of humid air into drops, it is flowed towards the water tank via heat exchanger. The dry air is exhausted at the same time outside the room.

  • The application of Dehumidifiers can be noticed in hospitals, houses and factories.
  • The microcomputer controlled operation of these equipments helps to save time.
  • Error free humidity controlling function.
  • Easy to operate.
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Bio Gas Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier removes the moisture from biogas and provides complete protection to CHP engine and other equipment from corrosion. These Bio Gas Dehumidifiers are specially designed to occupy less floor space. It can be easily incorporated into an existing system or operated as a stand- alone system. The equipment shuts down and starts up at a simple touch of a button, ensuring minimum engine downtime. It is high in demand for various applications including chemical processing, landfill sites, food and agriculture.

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Air Conditioning Dehumidifiers

Price: 1 INR

Our Air Conditioning Dehumidifiers are specially engineered to meet the most stringent moisture and humidity control needs. Available in varied designs, ranging from the most compact models to very complex engineered systems, these dehumidifiers are integrated with the most advanced and energy smart technology. Environment friendly in operation, these systems quickly pull out water from air, whether in room temperature or cooler atmosphere. It efficiently controls humidity level in workplace, home and other indoor places such as swimming pools and garages.