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Cold Rooms

The Cold Rooms provided by us are sturdily engineered for saving energy and rendering high performance because of lower thermal conductivity. These also provide flexibility to choose from variety of options from the panel. Such options are only provided depending upon the requirement of the client. Depending on the several requirements of temperature, one has the flexibility to opt for the panel thickness. The doors of our offered Cold Rooms are automation compatible along with the easy movements of trolley and the rooms have appropriate value of insulation. Provided rooms are suitable for the areas where temperature control is required.

Application Areas:
  • Cold chains
  • Warehousing
  • Meat and fisheries
  • Pack houses
  • Distribution centers
  • Food processing units
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Cold Storage Room Cabinets

There is likewise an extensive scope of entryway alternatives in our Cold Storage Room Cabinets, including completely rebated ones that suit flush to prevent harm by trolleys, sliding entryways and flip-fold staff entryways with survey boards for occupied readiness regions, which are perfect in territories where space is an issue.

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Cold Room Panels

Price: 100000 INR

The structure, hygiene level, overall design and functionality of a cold room to a large extent is dependent on the type of panel used in its making. Realizing this, we bring forth a range of Cold Room Panels in many standard specifications. These panels deliver efficient insulation, and ensures cold rooms remain hygienic from every perimeter of quality and function in a completely airtight way.

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Cold Room Refrigeration Equipments

Cold Room Refrigeration Equipments we offer are fabricated to cater to refrigeration needs across various industries. These can be used in areas and in applications with adequate ventilation or it will otherwise lead to heat disposal system. The equipment works by sucking the coolest condensed air from bottom of the unit. A proper filter is provided along with the condenser. A non-kink neoprene hose is also provided.